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Dressmaker in Madrid – Sewing Alterations – Taylor made Clothes

! Hello everybody!

My name is Angeles and I am a professional dressmaker my sewing workshop is in Las Rozas de Madrid, Spain, I am also a qualified dressmaking teacher, and I have a great experience in all kinds of Tailoring & Clothing alterations like, tailor-made clothing, Custom made Clothes and also recycling clothes, and transforming clothes.

If you are looking for a dressmaker to make Tailoring and Clothing Alterations in Madrid Las Rozas, Las Matas, Majadahonda, Torrelodones, Pozuelo or Aravaca with own sewing workshop, highly modernist, innovative and open-minded spirit experience, you have come to the right place.

My specialty is the high-quality Tailoring & Clothing Alterations like Armani, Dolce & Gabanna, Versace, Gucci, Chanel, Luis Vuitton, Dior clothes as well as the creation of custom clothes including party dresses, shirts, blouses, pants, women’s suits, jackets or any other.

If you are interested in cloning clothes, customizing clothes or transforming a garment, I can also help you!

Tailoring and Clothing Alterations

Tailoring and Clothing Alterations in Las Rozas – Madrid, fast and quality. Do you need a dressmaker to make clothes in Madrid? Tailored arrangements of pants, jackets, suits, shirts or dresses.

Custom Clothing

Great quality Custom Clothing made by a professional dressmaker. Dresses, Skirts, Pants, Jackets, Suits. Arte y Costura will be with you from beginning to end in the making of your clothes.

Party Dresses

The making of party dresses is the most requested work by our customers. Pattern, Cut and Making of the party dresses that you like the most! From a simple photo, we can make the dress of your dreams!

Recycle Clothes

If you need to recycle old clothes or that you no longer use, or give a different aspect to a garment, the dressmaker can recycle your used clothes and give them a completely new look. We can recycle shirts, pants, dresses and any other type of clothing.

On-line Dressmaker

Contract here our On-Line Dressmaker service A face-to-face or virtual service. The dressmaker will go to your home to take the measurements or will accompany you to a clothing store to help you, and even advise you on what type of tailoring alterations or transformations you need for a garment, or, you can choose to communicate via Skype or Whatsapp.

Sewing Blog

The sewing, pattern design, fabrics, colors, care of clothes, trends and much more is what you will find in our sewing, cutting and tailoring blog. Unique and original publications, based on our own experience and research.

Tailoring Alterations or Custom Clothes

If you need a dressmaker in Madrid – Las Rozas for all kinds of sewing services, call me or come to my sewing workshop.

I will help you with the tailoring alterations of your clothes, either virtually through photos and video conference or I even move to accompany you, take the measurements and perform the work in my workshop.

I also offer you my facebook page and my fashion and sewing group Costureando, where you can tell us and put images about your clothing or tailoring alterations. Become a member and contact Angels and many other people!

Custom-made Clothing and Party Dresses in Madrid – Las Rozas

The first stage of the creation of a custom-made garment is an initial exchange of impressions with the dressmaker, to discuss the individual needs and select the silhouettes, color, and fabric.

From there, I will make a series of proposals on which you can choose. Once you make your final choice (fabric, shape, accessories) work will begin in the workshop.

This procedure is particularly important when it comes to making party dresses, in any of its variants, such as wedding dresses, evening dresses, cocktail dresses, where our goal is to achieve maximum elegance and adaptation to the moment and situation.

This way it is guaranteed that you will get a good quality garment, with your own style – and what is better,! it will be perfect!

If you want more information about custom clothing request a quote to make custom clothing

Do you need the advice of a personal dressmaker in Madrid – Las Rozas?

If you live in the north of Madrid, Las Rozas, Matas, Torrelodones, Majadahonda, Pozuelo, Aravaca the dressmaker can accompany you to the store or move to your home to advise you on the test of the garments of your choice, informing you if it is necessary to make a clothing alteration.

The dressmaker will indicate you which one or which ones clothing alterations would be the most suitable.

There is also the possibility of performing this service in Arte y Costura workshop, where we will gladly assist you.