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Pattern sewing paper. Which one to buy?

Pattern_ Sewing_ Paper

Pattern Sewing Paper: What is it?

The paper to make sewing patterns or patternmaking paper is a kind of special paper, usually white or yellowish-white, which can be thin and translucent, which is used by the dressmakers in the process of making of clothes to be traced from another pattern or sewing plane or also from a kraft paper (also used to wrap packages) used to draw on them the different pieces of which the garment is composed.

These properties will allow us to work correctly the sewing patterns depending on the phase of the work in which we are.

One of the most widely used patterns is the so-called manila paper, a relatively cheap type of paper because it is obtained by a simpler process than other types of paper, from semi-bleached wood fibers, which gives it a certain brown color. yellowish characteristic.

This paper for making patterns is mainly used to obtain copies of other base patterns, by means of the tracing system. Once the tracing is done, we proceed to make the various modifications that would have occurred.

Types of papers for drawing sewing patterns

Manila paper for sewing

As we have said before it is probably the most used, it is sold in sheets of 24x 31 inches but it is possible to find different variations also in a roll. One of the drawbacks of this paper is the result of one of its advantages, and that is to be translucent and allow the tracing, must be extremely fine, which makes it break easily and work for beginners becomes difficult because the breaks multiply.

Alternatives to Manila paper can be:

Onion Paper for Sewing Patterns:

This type of paper has two variants, on the one hand, the so-called vegetal paper, which is used mainly in engineering, architecture and technical drawing. (This type of paper is too expensive to use in pattern making) and on the other hand, the so-called tissue paper, more used in crafts and sewing.

Silk Paper for Sewing Patterns:

It is a low grammage, high transparency paper being thin and fragile support, so this kind of paper suffers from the same problem that the manila paper.

Kraft or packing paper:

This type of paper is the most appropriate to draw the images of the pieces of clothing, cut them and use as a template for the final cut of the fabric that will give origin to the pieces of clothing that will constitute the garment.

Pellon Easy Pattern for Sewing Patterns:

Innovative material, consisting of transparent non-woven fabric, it has the advantage that it is washable and can also sew as a piece of fabric, so  a very good alternative for tracing those flimsy commercial patterns, helpful for making need alterations, excellent price if you need a large quantity of pattern making material

Which is the best sewing pattern paper?

There is no “best paper to make sewing patterns”, however, the most important thing is to know what will be the final use and our level of sewing. It is not the same to trace a pattern to duplicate it and make later retouching or modifications on the copy, that a paper that we are going to use to superimpose it on the fabric and obtain the corresponding piece for the garment.

Tracing paper roll sewing grid

It is a paper in which it is very easy to mark the measurement and has adequate resistance. It has lines every certain distance and therefore reduces the use of rulers. It also helps us make straight lines.

Another argument in favor of using this type of pattern paper for dressmaking is that it presented as a roll of 10 yards long 48″ wide.

In summary, it is a paper that we recommend for users of beginner and intermeditate level in sewing, being in general very suitable for all levels.Where to buy paper for sewing patterns?

The paper to make sewing patterns can be acquired in some stationery stores and physical stores, but following the current trend, it is becoming easier and safer to buy this type of specialized articles in online stores that even the stationers themselves have already in operation, or in large online marketplaces such as Amazon where we have the security that we will send home safely, at good prices and with the guarantee of replacement or return in the event that we do not satisfy the product, therefore there are several options where you can acquire paper for patterns.

Before buying paper for pattern making you have to know this:

The most important thing before purchasing a pattern paper is to know exactly what we intend to do with it.

If what we want is to trace patterns and make transformations, silk paper is a good option.

If what we want is to clone some garment and work directly on the paper to obtain its pattern, that is, in an inverse way to the usual one, we will be interested in using kraft paper. This also applies to when we are going to draw the cutting pattern, that is, the one that we will cut to superimpose on the canvas and thus obtain the pieces that constitute the garment that we are going to create or reproduce.

Pellon 830 paper is fantastic. It is perfect for altering, duplicating, and tracing patterns. It is an inkjet printer safe, making it ideal for printing pattern pieces for extended use. Lightweight but strong non-fuse, nonwoven interfacing. This kind of paper is a Sewing machine safe and great for pattern creation, duplication, and alteration.

Finally, if we want to work comfortably, and perform scalings and transformations based on patterns, we recommend the graph paper for sewing or grid pattern paper.

Final conclusion: The choice of paper for patterns is a matter of experience and custom and the use that you are going to give it.