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Copy clothes


Arte y Costura provides you with its service of copying clothes or cloning clothes.

clonadoderopa180cloudCopying clothes is one of our most demanded sewing services.

Would you like to wear an exclusive branded clothing model for a small part of its price?

We reproduce the clothes that you like the most, whether they are dresses, pants, shirts or jackets. We also provide you with the fabric of your choice whenever possible. Tell us the garment you want and we take care of the rest!

We are experts in the cloning of exclusive women’s clothing and also in exclusive clothing for men.

We can also clone celebrity dresses or clothes, from the photographs or images that you provide us.

We work making clothing alterations for stores of major brands of clothing, so we have experience and knowledge about the making of how these garments are made.

Do not hesitate and ask us for a quote to copy a piece of clothing, without any commitment, by filling in the form that you will find below.

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