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Custom made Clothes

Custom made clothes

High-quality custom made clothes in Las Rozas de Madrid.

In our sewing workshop in Las Rozas de Madrid, we only make high quality custom-made.

The cheap, it’s expensive. That is why in Art and Sewing, we only make custom-made clothes of high quality that will last you a long time and will adjust to your measurements in a perfect way. We make clothes that fit your figure, of any type and for any occasion.

If you have reached this page, it is because you want to have a special type of clothing. That type of clothing is very difficult to get in a store, or maybe you are looking for a specific design for a wedding dress that you want to wear. If you really value the quality of the textiles, the design and the make-up of the clothes you wear, you have come to the right place.

Custom made pants, shirts, blouses, jackets, skirts or dresses, are our specialty.

Custom clothing for women.

The dressmaker will be with you from the first moment, to help you even with the choice of the most suitable fabrics if you so wish, and advise you throughout the process of making your garments.

If you are looking for original clothes, made by hand and in detail by the expert hands of a dressmaker with years of experience, then in Arte y Costura we can surely help you.

Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain more information about our tailor-made clothing services, to obtain a quote for fully customized clothing online, in the links you will find below.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Custom made Clothing

If you need truly personalized clothes, clothes you want to make with your own designs, or from scratch in Arte y Costura we can give you the best service in Madrid.

The real custom clothes

On the internet, there are many companies offering custom made clothes. However, this is usually limited to stamping, silk-screen printing or embroidering different motifs, messages or logos on standard garments, basically, T-shirts and similar type garments that these same companies can offer you or that you can contribute.

But when what we are looking for, are much more specific things, such as a suit tailored for employees of your company, uniforms, dresses, shirts, pants, etc that in addition to embroidered a logo or a message, should reflect personality own, or give a corporate image, things get complicated.

In Arte y Costura, we not only embroider logos, design or print labels and sew them on the garments that you provide us, but we can also make your garments from scratch and tailor them for each person.

We have experience in the customization of garments for companies and individuals, being able to cut, print and sew made-to-measure clothes.

Personalized Customized Clothing

The concept is simple. We made your custom clothes, and later we add logos or messages of your choice.

Tailor-made ecological clothing.

Sustainable fashion is gaining more followers every day, for its quality, and for the associated benefits for the people who dress them and for the environment. Visit our sewing Blog, where you will find different articles related to sustainability, not only in how the clothes are made but in their care, washing, and ironing.

In Arte y Costura, we also bet on the use of fabrics made from natural fibers, such as cotton, silk, wool from different origins, and mixtures between them, which have also been washed, dyed and finished following “green” procedures to which we add a completely handmade confection.

And if what you want is to recycle clothes, in our sewing workshop we can make any type of transformation or renewal of clothing.

Haute couture for very special occasions

One of our specialties is the making of exclusive and unique hand made women’s dresses and costumes, with a high content in design and quality for those occasions that arise in life, in which you need to stand out especially.

Long party dresses, short party dresses, evening dresses or cocktail dresses, from a selection of specific fabrics and colors. We adapt our proposals to your ideas, to achieve the maximum personalization ..

If you already have the dress or the garment that you want to use but it does not fit you, we can help you by modifying it through our tailoring service.

We can also copy or clone the model of your choice, from a simple photograph.

We make your custom made clothes in 6 steps

custom made dresses1. Choose the garment

You can bring a photo, a garment or select the model you want


take custom-made garments2. We take your measurements

We measure you so that the garment fits your proportions.


custom clothing pieces3. We make your clothes

We cut the pieces and we sew your garment, in need of later adjustments.try the garment4. The dressing room

We test the garment, to give the final touches and adjustments.

Customized clothing fits5. Final Adjustments

We made the final touches and adjustments to get this way the garment fits perfectly


custom dress6. Collect your custom-made garment

Your garment is finished and ready for you to enjoy. !Congratulations!

We study your request and send you a previous quote without any commitment. Click on the buttons that you will see below each type of custom garment, which will take you to a form, where you can send your information and photos and receive your budget quickly. Also, if distance allows, and you use the Personal Dressmaker service, there is the possibility of providing the service even at home if you live in the North Zone of Madrid, Las Rozas, Las Matas, Pozuelo, Majadahonda or Torrelodones. It will also be possible in those very special cases, requests for high-priced custom-made clothing for events of great importance or requests from VIPs, national and international trips.

Your custom made clothes, without moving from home.

The dressmaker moves home to take measurements and to advise you with the types of fabric or any other issue that may arise related to your model or garment. Ask us


  • The prices for Custom made clothes are approximate. To know the exact price of your tailor-made garment, you must request a quote.
  • In these prices the value of the necessary materials is not included, that is: of the fabric or of the adornments. It is also understood that the garments to be made are basic, if they require elaborate designs or models, consult.
  • Depending on the quality of the fabric, prices may also change. For example, if we are going to make a garment with a common fabric in terms of construction and composition, the prices will not vary. However, for high-end fabrics that require more complex elaborations (for example, a fabric with sequins, lace, etc) will increase its value.