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Recycling Clothes

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Recycling clothes, it’s profitable

Recycling clothes is a trend because, in addition to being biofriendly, it is economically advantageous.

Over time, your clothes are losing topicality. Fashion is changing and what yesterday was in, today is out. However your old clothes, worth money even if you for whatever reason, no longer use it.

It took a lot of material and human resources to produce the textile fibers, which were made of yarns, fabrics and finally the coloring, finishing and making of the garments that one day proudly wore, and are now stored in your wardrobe without you using them.

Your clothes deserve a second chance. Transforming old clothes into current and useful clothes that you can wear again is usually a wise decision.

You will be surprised to know that in general, for little money, you can have a garment of a completely new design, or with completely new functionality.

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Your old clothes can be transformed into fashionable clothes

Recycling old clothes gives you the opportunity to reuse those clothes that you no longer used, converting them into beautiful and modern clothes. In addition, if the person who carries out the recycling work contributes elements of design, innovation, and timelessness, you will wear unique clothes for much less than what it would cost you to do from scratch.

In addition, if you decide to recycle clothes, or transform clothes and textiles, you will help to avoid contamination and the massive production of new clothes, which is a very costly and polluting process.



Recycling Clothing is one of our specialties.

Do you have clothes in your wardrobe that you want to adapt, update or transform? A wedding dress that has been outdated and you want to modernize? Arte y Costura offers you its innovative clothing transformation service with advice included.

Transforming clothes is one of the jobs that our clients request the most.


We carry out custom-made transformations, with the maximum guarantees since we have a long experience in the transformation of all kinds of garments.

The transformation or alteration of a garment requires a lot of technique and experience.

The transformation of a garment, is very delicate work, especially when it comes to brand clothing or of great value.

If a garment transformation or modernization is done wrong, it can ruin a valuable garment, therefore, it is essential to carry out a preliminary study and execute the steps with good technique to avoid unpleasant surprises.

In Arte y costura, all work to transform clothes is done with the utmost care, preserving the initial quality of the garments and paying the utmost attention to the finishing details. A job to your satisfaction.

If you want to recycle clothes or make clothing alterations in Madrid, Arte y Costura is your best option- We also provide services in Aravaca, Pozuelo, Majadahonda, Torrelodones, Las Rozas and Las Matas. You can also make your order online

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How much will it cost to recycle my clothes?

We can not indicate here any price for recycling clothes, as each garment requires unpredictable work.

When dealing with works of very different nature depending on the garment and the magnitude of the transformation to be made, it is not even possible for these works to be approximated without carrying out a preliminary study. Therefore we give you the option to request an approximate budget.

To do this fill out the form that you will find at the end of the page where you can send us your contact information as well as photos of your garment or clothes.

You can also include comments about what you would like to do.

We will study the transformation and send you a free quote without any commitment on your part.

However, if you consider it appropriate, you can also contact us by phone or come to visit our workshop. Surely we agree!

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