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Party Dresses


Party Dresses

Party dresses are clothing for women. Designed for special events.

According to our concept, this kind of dress should always be exclusive, original, finished to the detail, and with enough originality to stand out in elegance in important events. In other words, they should wear haute couture garments.

These kinds of dresses are also called evening dresses, gala dresses, or cocktail dresses.

To make a party dress there are infinite designs, materials, and colors, but the most important thing is that the dress is suitable for the occasion and especially that your party dress fits perfectly with your body.

Party dresses are usually selected depending on the type of event, whether it is more or less formal, and also depending on the time of day at which the celebration takes place.

In our sewing workshop, located in Las Rozas de Madrid, we have a great experience in making dresses for celebrations, galas and parties, and wedding dresses.

Differences between evening dresses, gala dresses, and cocktail dresses

A gala dress is a dress designed for an event of great importance such as receiving a prize, a special appointment or simply a special requirement of a particular event. This implies that it corresponds to a party that must be attended with a suit long.

The cocktail dress corresponds to a short evening dress and was born in the 50s of the twentieth century.

This kind of dress was generally used when leaving early in the day, for example, to eat, to the theater or to a more casual party. It is a dress designed for those occasions in which conventional clothing, by day, does not reach sufficient elegance and a night suit, is excessive.

In Arte y Costura, we make unique, handmade dresses, made exclusively for you, on request and to your specifications.

Party dresses for all occasions. At night, long and elegant dresses for special events and also for the day, short dresses, and casual style dresses.

Freedom to choose fabrics, design, and color to make party dresses

We think that our customers must have the greatest possible freedom when it comes to personalizing their party dresses.

Whether it’s an evening dress, a gala dress, or a cocktail dress, we consider personalization to be fundamental, which is why, if you wish, you can bring fabrics that you like and the dressmaker will help you in your choice. We advise you as to what you should know, for example, the most recommended type of fabric and trend colors among others.

Of course, the design of the dress you can provide, or let us introduce different alternatives so you can choose.

Guest dresses for wedding

Currently, one of the trends that are marking the best-known magazines in the world of fashion, and the very reality demanded by our clients and friends of Las Rozas in Madrid, is the wedding guest dresses.

The choice of this kind of party dresses for guests, also requires certain considerations, such as whether we are before a wedding to be held during the morning, or at night.

So in the first case, we will choose dresses for wedding guests during the day, and in the event that the wedding is celebrated during an evening, we will decide on an evening dress.

In Madrid, elegance and good taste in party dresses go hand in hand with Art and Sewing.

Elegance, it’s priceless. If you want to make party dresses in Madrid, handmade, with which you awaken admiration and you feel comfortable, Arte y Costura is the best option.

We offer you all our long experience in making party dresses together with personalized attention from start to finish, leaving your choice to give you service as an online dressmaker and advice throughout the process.

Do not hesitate, and request now and without any commitment a budget so you know how much it may cost to have the dress of your dream couture by filling out the form that we present below.

!With no obligation! (Prices from € 250)

Do you want to fix or update an evening dress, gala or cocktail?

If what you want is to fix, or modernize party dresses, we also can help you.

Use our clothing repair service, it can be a good option for party dresses, much cheaper than making a completely new dress. Give your old clothes a chance!

You can also transform your old dress into a much more current one. Use our service to transform clothes!