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Sewing workshop

Meet our sewing workshop.

Ángeles, the owner and Dressmaker of the sewing workshop takes her work very seriously, providing high-quality sewing services, including clothing arrangements, custom-made clothing, tailoring, design, and production of small items of high-quality clothing providing maximum attention to detail and personalized treatment that meets the needs of each client.

Clothing alterations, to your needs

Our customers are the most important thing for us, that is why each of them knows that they can count on individualized attention.

When you choose where to make clothing alterations or transform your clothing, you must be sure that the human team that will take over the work, have the experience and knowledge necessary for your garment is to your satisfaction.

Transforming a garment or recycling clothes is a complex and delicate process that requires many years of study and experience to be carried out successfully.

This experience and knowledge are only achieved after having worked on thousands of garments of different compositions, styles, and formats belonging to many types of people.

That is to say when a high degree of professional specialization is hoarded together with the appropriate means of production.

Sewing works that create confidence

Surely it would not occur to you to leave in the hands of an inexperienced person or of doubtful qualification something like a high-value party dress in which you have invested a lot of money, and with which you have to go to a special celebration for you.

The trust that customers place in the sewing workshop of art and sewing, is due to the career of professionalism, qualification, and commitment of Professor Ángeles Jiménez, along with a sewing and design workshop, well equipped.

This trust has been earned by meeting the expectations of our friends and customers years of garment repair and transformation of their clothing through a highly personalized service, which is part of our commitment to Quality.

We firmly believe in the power of new information technologies, for this reason, and for your convenience, we are able to offer you our sewing products and services with the agility of the online world.

Products and services, which are already fully integrated into the digital world, with a strong presence in social networks such as our Youtube channel, which has thousands of followers and which constitute one of the fundamental pillars of our business.

sewing workshop

Our history

The beginning

Arte y Costura arises from an initiative of the fashion designer and teacher Ángeles Jiménez, who after having developed her professional career working for third parties, decided in 1995 to become independent of her own brand.

The sewing workshop is complemented by a textile chemistry laboratory to verify the quality of colors and fabrics.

Origin of the name of Arte y Costura

Customers often commented that the work done by Ángeles was more like an artist because when making complicated clothing and tailoring alterations or transformations and they were always completely satisfied.

When searching for a name for the brand, Ángeles came up with mixing art with sewing. (Arte y Costura)

Modernization of sewing services

As a result of the emergence of new technologies, Angeles decided to bet firmly on the digital world, and improve customer service by creating a powerful online platform.

So in 2016, Arte y Costura reached a collaboration agreement with Chromalab for the creation of this online platform and the textile and color laboratory service.

With more than 18 years making clothing and tailoring alterations and designing clothes, Angeles has the right qualification to perform any work or transformation of a garment for men or women, as well as another of their specialties, tailored costumes, and advertising mascots. With perfectionist spirit and great discipline, he does not conceive a work that is not perfect

ty co to integrate the creative ideas of Angels in the virtual world