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Tailoring and Clothing Alterations

Clothing Alterations

Clothing Alterations in Madrid made by a professional dressmaker.

We make all kinds of clothing alterations in Las Rozas de Madrid, with quality assurance.

We have a long experience in the provision of professional sewing services being one of our specialties the arrangement of high-value clothing and design content, produced by high-end brands.

All the sewing works without exception that are made in our store of arrangements are carried out by seamstresses and professional dressmakers.

Our clothing alterations service is aimed at:

People (men or women) who wish to make any arrangement, transformation or modification of their clothes, especially in high-value garments such as a gala dress for a very special occasion.

Clothing stores that want to provide a quality service in clothing alterations and tailoring alterations for their customers and do not want to invest in fixed personnel costs that could hardly cover.

Hotels and Casinos that require adjustments and alterations for the uniforms of their staff, such as suits, dresses, shirts, and jackets.

Sports organizations that need to adjust tailor-made garments for their players.

We also make clothing alterations for school uniforms for boys and girls.

Where do we provide our clothing alterations service?

Our sewing service covers clothing alterations in Madrid, and more specifically in the north of the capital, especially those located in the line of the A-6 highway, such as Aravaca, Pozuelo, Majadahonda, Torrelodones, Las Rozas and Las Matas

In addition, if requested, we deliver personally or through express courier service the clothes that need to be fixed in the north of Madrid.

In the event that the client takes the measures of the clothing alteration, it is also possible to pick up and send the clothes through our integrated free parcel service, as long as the order exceeds 60 Eur. Avoid trips that cost you time and money.

Clothing alteration services that we carry out in our sewing workshop:

Shorten, narrow, enlarge pants, both sport, and formal wear.
Adjust skirts and dresses,
Shirts and blouses
Fix jackets and coats
Adapt uniforms
Adapt and alter party, communion, and wedding dresses
Transform and modernize clothing.
Change Zippers
Additionally, we can do all kinds of clothing fixes, such as mend rips and broken threads

Leave your clothing alterations in the hands of an expert dressmaker specialized in major brands.

Arte y Costura specializes in high-quality clothing and high-end brands. To sew high-quality clothes a professional dressmaker, it is undoubtedly the best alternative Do not hesitate, cheap, it can be very expensive.

Our main objective is to make your clothes look good without losing their essence or quality.

From the simplest clothing alterations to the most complex transformations or tailoring alterations, in the Arte y Costura clothing repair workshop, we take very seriously any sewing work.

Whether it’s about used clothing fixes or alterations or new clothes that need to be adjusted, put your clothes in the expert hands of a team led by a dressmaker and a qualified teacher with many years of experience in the clothing industry. Remember: The art of clothing alterations is acquired with experience and dedication.

If you want to see how we work in our repair shop, visit our Youtube, Arte y Costura TV channel where you will find hundreds of videos.

You can also contact or request a service of arrangements through our Facebook page Arte y Costura

For other services, such as Transforming Clothing, Customized Clothing, Cloning a garment, please visit the particular sections.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or clarifications regarding the price of clothing alterations, we will gladly assist you.